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Sublimation Blank Shirt

Our sublimation blank shirts are top of the line! Our sublimation blank shirts are polyester and have a soft cotton feel! These polyester sublimation blank shirts come individually wrapped in a polyurethane bag! No matter your project when you use our sublimation blank shirts it will make all your designs and projects stand out from the rest. Since our sublimation blank shirts are private labeled you will not find them anywhere else on the market! 

Recommendations for pressing our sublimation blank shirts:

We recommend pressing our sublimation blanks shirts at 385F for 60 seconds. This will yield the best results and will not scorch your shirt! Please when pressing the sublimation blank shirts, do NOT exceed 400F, this could cause your sublimation blank shirt to scorch! 


Please allow 1-5 business days for processing of our sublimation blank shirts. We work very hard to ensure that sublimation blank shirts are shipped next day however. **Please note that there have been delays with USPS and unfortunately we are not able to do anything to expedite their shipping time**

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
iLLfit LLC (Plano, US)
Small Crop

Will you ever restock size small crop?

Dyonna Epps Jones (Atlanta, US)
Polyester shirts

Absolutely Love these Shirts. The best 100% Polyester shirts for sublimation ❣️

Donesha Hill (Paris, US)
Crop top t-shirts

Love them very soft and takes the sublimation designs very well. Colors turned out very bright and vibrant. I really like these and the shirts are not thin thin and I love that.

Love the Crop Tops

The crop tops are hit with my customers for a gym I am currently working with. I am just waiting for some smalls to come to order.

Melissa Lawrance (Hutto, US)
Crop top shirts

Love these!! The material is so soft but thick. Will be making this my go to product.

Nesha (Norfolk, US)

Crop tops sublimated beautifully.

Saint (Riverdale, US)
Quality is great!

The material feels like cotton, it is soft and well made.
My only thing is that it is a sublimation blank shirt and most people are using these blanks to resell for their own brands so I wish the tag was a pull away tag and not a sewn in tag. That’s my only draw back from purchasing again.

Caral (Dallas, US)
Love Love Love

I love these shirts they sublimated awesomely and the feel of them are excellent

TCKnows (Fort Mill, US)
Excellent Customer Service

I ordered the Deluxe Collection and a crop top. I was missing one shirt from my order. I emailed after hours (I didn't know it was after 5pm). I wasn't expecting to get a response until the next day. I got a response back the same night and I received my order 3 days later. That's the kind of service I like and I will be ordering again.

Jernarcka Johnson (McDonough, US)
Polyester Tshirts

The shirts are awesome. They feel great. I'm very pleased and will order more.