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Our new deluxe sublimation blank t-shirts are from our exclusive line of sublimation blank t-shirts. These sublimation t-shirts feature a 100% cotton interior and the exterior of the sublimation shirt is 100% polyester! This sublimation t-shirt will completely change the sublimation game! We have worked so very hard to develop this exclusive product for our customers! These polyester sublimation blank shirts come individually wrapped in a polyurethane bag! No matter your project when you use our sublimation blank shirts it will make all your designs and projects stand out from the rest. Since our sublimation blank shirts are private labeled you will not find them anywhere else on the market! 

Recommendations for pressing our sublimation blank shirts:

We recommend pressing our sublimation blanks shirts at 385 degrees for 60 seconds. This will yield the best results and will not scorch your shirt! Please when pressing the sublimation blank shirts, do NOT exceed 400F, this could cause your sublimation blank shirt to scorch! 


Please allow 1-5 business days for processing of our sublimation blank shirts. We work very hard to ensure that sublimation blank shirts are shipped next day, however. **Please note that there have been delays with USPS and unfortunately, we are not able to do anything to expedite their shipping time**

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